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I am Mara-Theodora Neacșu and I am a Psychotherapist. I created LifeQuality as a method to increase the quality of life. I studied Psychology at the University of Bucharest, Universidad de Salamanca and Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca, and I am specialized in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy. I offer face-to-face psychotherapy sessions for adults in my office in Cluj, as well as online for clients from other cities or countries.

Our mind is like a garden that we arrange as we want, in which we can plant and grow what plants we want, and consciously remove the weeds that prevent us from blooming. Of course, there are also elements such as soil or climate that are more difficult to change, a flower that grows and we are not sure we want it, but we can consciously learn how to use them to our advantage.

I believe in freedom, curiosity and diversity. I believe that all people have the power to develop and become authentic, to be who they really feel they are. Sometimes they need guidance, a specialist who listens openly and guides, with whom they feel safe to begin the process of personal development.

I know the therapeutic process both from the professional chair and from the client’s chair, because I consider personal therapy as a key element in understanding, supporting and empathizing with the person in front of me.

I decided to become a psychotherapist after a sabbatical year, traveling the world. I wanted to learn informally what I felt I couldn’t learn from books and theory. Although I went as far as possible, the trip was actually about me and about satisfying my curiosity to discover and know the diversity of people. I was amazed to discover the people behind cultural and social labels, their stories and their capacity for development and transformation. And I wanted to feel that I could be part of their transformation process. That I can be the person who accompanies them and gives them unconditional acceptance.

I am trained in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy and I approach psychotherapy and counseling in an integrative way, using techniques from several psychological paradigms, chosen especially for the specific needs of the client. In order to offer my best services, I now also train in Schema Therapy and Emotion Focused Therapy. Enter here to see the services offered.

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