Couples Therapy


Couple therapy helps the two people recognize conflicts and strengthen the relationship. Along with the psychotherapist, the couple can set realistic goals from negotiating problems, learning empathic communication, to rediscovering desire and sexuality. The couple may also decide to continue the journey separately, but in harmony.

My style

The therapy I practice is of collaborative style, my role being to moderate and guide the couple to their own answers and to the techniques that suit them best. I like to have a red thread that I follow, thus having a structure, but I leave the freedom and creativity to explore the present needs of the couple.

How does it work?

Couple sessions are psychotherapy meetings with both partners. They come together to meetings and with the help of the therapist they learn how to manage difficult moments and achieve their goals. Sessions are held weekly and last 70 minutes.

Examples of Problems

Couples can have different topics of discussion such as:

  • Negotiating responsibilities
  • Sexual pleasure and desire / sexual dysfunction
  • Empathic communication
  • Different values
  • Infidelity
  • Infertility
  • Conflict difficult to manage

These are just examples, these are not the only reasons you can come to therapy.

Mara-Theodora Neacșu
Mara-Theodora Neacșu

I am Mara-Theodora Neacșu and I am a Psychotherapist. I created LifeQuality as a method to increase the quality of life.

Mara Neacșu