Psychologist Mara-Theodora Neacșu

Individual Sessions

Individual collaboration can take the form of psychotherapy or counseling. It can be face-to-face or online. Here you meet with your therapist to discuss what is bothering you, about your needs, emotions and behaviors. You will learn new skills that will help you cope with difficult times, make healthy decisions and achieve your goals.

Couples session

Couple therapy helps the two people recognize conflicts and strengthen the relationship. Along with the psychotherapist, the couple can set realistic goals from negotiating problems, learning empathic communication, to rediscovering desire and sexuality. The couple may also decide to continue the journey separately, but in harmony.

Group sessions

Group therapy involves group meetings, in which participants talk about the problems they face, and the psychologist guides them to different ways of managing their feelings.


They can be delivered to organizations, the general public or specific groups. The topics covered are in the field of psychoeducation, communication, optimization strategies, mindfulness and much more.