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Psiholog Mara-Theodora Neacșu

Tot felul de întrebări ne trec prin minte atunci când ne gândim să mergem la psiholog. Mai jos avem o selecție dintre cele mai frecvente adresate de clienți.

If it occurred to you that you would like to go, or someone close to you is worried about you and told you that this might help you, then maybe it's time. There are many reasons why people turn to a psychologist. Some of them can be: you feel that you have some very intense emotions that affect your daily life, your relationships are not as you would like, you fail to do what you set out to do, you no longer like to do anything and you can't find your place, you don't know how to get over certain moments, you feel overwhelmed by stress, you have sexual problems, you want to manage your time better, you want to know yourself better or make a change in your life. These are only examples, you can come with other problems.

Every person is different, with different needs and resources. A therapeutic process can take from a few months to several years. The role of therapy is to help the client achieve his/her goals and to teach him/her to become autonomous in managing difficult situations. Of course, after completing the process the client can return to therapy when needed.

Yes! If you want to know yourself better, to improve your relationships, to make certain changes in life, to better manage your time or simply for your personal growth, you can turn to a psychologist.

If you feel the need to improve your relationship, you can turn to a psychologist. People go to couple therapy for different reasons, but some examples can be: emotional distancing, frequent quarrels, parenting problems, infertility, sex life, financial difficulties, infidelity, partners want to learn to communicate better and many other reasons.

Yes, online services are also offered for those outside Cluj or the country.

Mara is trained in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy and approaches psychotherapy and counseling in an integrative way, using techniques from several psychological paradigms, specially chosen and adapted to the specific needs of the client. So we use both science and structure, as well as metaphors and creativity.

Therapy or support groups will only be formed if there are at least 7 people interested. If you are interested, send an email to to show your interest in participating. If a minimum of 7 people gather, a group will be built and you will be contacted. There will also be times when starting a group will be promoted.

Yes, in addition to Romanian, Mara speaks English and Spanish.

Yes! The therapeutic relationship is very important in the therapy process, but not all clients fit with all therapists. It is very important that you like the psychotherapist you go to and that you trust him/her. You can try going to someone else to see if you like it more.

The psychologist studied psychology and is the one who offers psychological therapy, listens to you and guides you in your development. The psychiatrist is trained as a doctor and can give drug treatment. Sometimes, the psychologist can work with the psychiatrist to provide the best treatment for the client.