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What is the psychotherapy?

Why should I go to a psychologist

For some time now you have been realizing that something is wrong with your life. Sometimes you realize what it is, sometimes it is manifested only by an unpleasant state from which you do not know how to get out. You’ve heard that therapy is a way to learn to cope. You’re looking for a psychologist, but you have all kinds of questions in mind. What happens at a psychologist? Will s/he be able to help me? What do I do if I don’t feel comfortable? Why talk to a psychologist if I have friends? All of these questions are normal and are part of our process of finding the right help.

Of course, friends can listen to us when we have problems, and that helps, but talking to a psychologist also has the component of problem solving and healthy emotional management. The psychologist listens to you and asks you questions, s/he is objective and patient with you, s/he tries to bring you to your own answers without giving you any advice. And s/he explains to you how your mind works and why you feel what you feel. Yes, s/he is a stranger, and that is why it is easier to tell her what you have in mind, because you will not be afraid of judgment. The psychologist accepts you exactly as you are.


What happens at the first meeting?

Usually, the first session is a get to know each other meeting, in which the psychologist explains to you how s/he works, how the meetings will take place, what her approach is and tries to find out details about the concern you came up with. The psychologist will help you relax, because s/he knows that this first step is one that often creates anxiety, and it is important to feel accepted and understood when we go to therapy.

Also, the first session is the moment when you can ask questions, you can find out more details about how the therapy will work and you can say how exactly you want the process to take place. This way you can know if you want to start the therapeutic process with that psychologist, if you like how it makes you feel and you can trust her. The therapeutic relationship is built over time and can be improved through discussion, but if you feel a strong “no” in the body at the end of the session, you can ask for a recommendation for another psychologist. The therapist will understand your decision and guide you to the right person.


How long do I have to go to a psychologist?

If you decide you want to continue the process, there will be an evaluation part, in which the psychologist will ask you more specific questions related to the concern you came with, sometimes s/he will give you questionnaires to fill in, depending on the need s/he sees. When you have an overview, you will discover together how the situation you are facing has appeared and you will look for the goals you want to reach. The techniques used are chosen, combined and customized according to your needs and pace, taking into account your life context. Therapy sessions follow a red line to the goals you set, while being flexible and giving way to new situations that arise and are more important at that moment.

Therapeutic processes also have an end. It happens when you have solved the problem you came for, or when you feel that you are able to deal with it on your own, in a healthy way, without active help from the therapist. You can return to therapy whenever you feel the need or if a new problem arises. The therapist will be there for you.

I hope that now it is clearer to you what the psychotherapeutic process is and why to go to a psychologist. If you want to start a therapeutic process with me, online or in Cluj Napoca, write me here.


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